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This page will include experimental videos produced using Magix Performer.

Software tools:
Steinberg Cubase LE A1 Elements 11
Magix Performer v2.3 64-bit
Vegas Pro 18 Video Editor

Magix Performer is the center or core of the process. It uses input audio and video files to generate a wide variety of programmable effects.  It can use any number of audio and video tracks to produce distinct effects.  Effects can be as simple as adding audio waveforms to a video to producing a composite of effects from multiple audio and video channels.

Steinberg Cubase was selected because it can process and output any number of audio channels in addition to its many other features.  Any audio file can be used by Magix Performer including live input.

Vegas Pro is a pretty powerful vidio editor which is used for processing camera video and the final video production. 


A bit of history from the 1990's and on...
Nutty Professors street party with Gordy Michael on keyboard. 1998


Sid and Kenny working on a promotion for Kenny's album: Flip Side.

Strange Tones with Andy and Julie Strange, Suburban Slim, and Andy Gauthier.


Sid with the Strange Tones in Corvallis in July 2016.

Tualatin Inn 1997: Gordy Michael, Scott White, Stu Kinsel, Sid Antoch, and Dusty Hill behind Gordy.
Some of the music events in the early days of ZAP Studio.
muddyOur first CD promo.  Bass: Scott White, Guitar: Kenny Lavitz, Drums: Dusty Hill, Drums: Manny Keller.

At the Wild Duck in Eugene in 2001 recording Kenny with Jazz is Dead.

These guys were outstanding.  It was a pleasure to record the music and to talk to some of them. T Lavitz is Kenny's brother who has since passed.

Tim Owen, a photographer in Veneta, took some of the pictures we used.



The promotional tape that started ZAP Studio in 1996.


Here's a picture of Sid and David Jester at Antonio's (rip) jam in the 1990's.

Antonio Valdez hosted a jam every Sunday in the 1990's and early 2000's.  It was an open jam attended by a variety of amatuer and professional musicians.


leebmhjLee Blake, Russel Eng, Carlton Jackson, and Sid Antoch.  Moosehead 1996.

skwlSid and Kenny Lavitz at a club in West Linn, OR.

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Still under construction, 4/14/2021
Below are some links to friends of ZAP Studio
https://kennylavitz.com Laurelthirst Public House – 2958 NE Glisan St.  
http://www.reverbnation.com/traceyfordiceandthe8balls https://therosebudcafecom./  
Norman Sylvester http://www.youtube.com/jesterpro  
The Band | Randy Morrison Band (randymorrisonmusic.com) http://www.stewdodgesound.com/  
http://LoveSloth.com/ http://www.zapponet.com/  
(5) Zacharias Angelos | Facebook https://soundcloud.com/johnny-slidell  
(2) Gold Dust | Facebook    (Fleetwood Mac cover band) https://www.flickr.com/photos/fmimages/  



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