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New video posted to YouTube: 8 Moments by Marney Antoch

This 2 minute video feature  Haiku written by Marney Antoch between November 2020 and July 2021.

A bit of history from the 1990's and on...
Nutty Professors street party with Gordy Michael on keyboard. 1998


Sid and Kenny working on a promotion for Kenny's album: Flip Side.

Strange Tones with Andy and Julie Strange, Suburban Slim, and Andy Gauthier.


Sid with the Strange Tones in Corvallis in July 2016.

Tualatin Inn 1997: Gordy Michael, Scott White, Stu Kinsel, Sid Antoch, and Dusty Hill behind Gordy.
Some of the music events in the early days of ZAP Studio.
muddyOur first CD promo.  Bass: Scott White, Guitar: Kenny Lavitz, Drums: Dusty Hill, Drums: Manny Keller.

At the Wild Duck in Eugene in 2001 recording Kenny with Jazz is Dead.

These guys were outstanding.  It was a pleasure to record the music and to talk to some of them. T Lavitz is Kenny's brother who has since passed.

Tim Owen, a photographer in Veneta, took some of the pictures we used.



The promotional tape that started ZAP Studio in 1996.


Here's a picture of Sid and David Jester at Antonio's (rip) jam in the 1990's.

Antonio Valdez hosted a jam every Sunday in the 1990's and early 2000's.  It was an open jam attended by a variety of amatuer and professional musicians.


leebmhjLee Blake, Russel Eng, Carlton Jackson, and Sid Antoch.  Moosehead 1996.

skwlSid and Kenny Lavitz at a club in West Linn, OR.

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Still under construction, 7/8/2021
Below are some links to friends of ZAP Studio
https://kennylavitz.com Laurelthirst Public House – 2958 NE Glisan St.  
http://www.reverbnation.com/traceyfordiceandthe8balls https://therosebudcafecom./  
Norman Sylvester http://www.youtube.com/jesterpro  
The Band | Randy Morrison Band (randymorrisonmusic.com) http://www.stewdodgesound.com/  
http://LoveSloth.com/ http://www.zapponet.com/  
(5) Zacharias Angelos | Facebook https://soundcloud.com/johnny-slidell  
(2) Gold Dust | Facebook    (Fleetwood Mac cover band) https://www.flickr.com/photos/fmimages/  



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