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AC and Three-Phase: Simulations and Experiments ISBN: 978-1-935422-14-3

Experiments and Simulations with LTspice and PSpice Examples

Chapter 1: AC Circuit Basics, Circuit Elements, Phasors and Equations, Circuit Simulation.
Chapter 2: AC Power and Power Factor

Chapter 3: Single Phase Transformers ande Power Systems
Chapter 4: Three-Phase Power, Wye to Wye, Wye to Delta,Delta Source to Wye, Delta to Delta
Chapter 5: Three-Phase Transformers,
Appendix 1: Three-Phase Sources, Parts Information, Phasor Algebra, Measuring Part Values

Each chapter has simulaion examples


Experiment 1a: Series RC Circuit Measurements
Experiment 1b: Series-Parallel Circuit Measurements
Experiment 2a: AC Power
Experiment 2b: Series Compensation

Experiment 2c: Parallel Compensation
Experiment 3a: Step-Down Transformer
Experiment 3b: Center Tapped Transformer
Experiment 3c: Audio Output Transformer

Experiment 4a: Wye to Wye Circuit
Experiment 4b: Three-Phase Power / Delta Connection

Experiment 5a: Wye-Delta transformer
Experiment 5b: Delta-Wye transformer

Experiment 5c: Open-Delta transformer

This book may be used by any reader who wishes to learn by example and experiment.  Simulation examples are presented which may be done using LTspice, a simulation program available as a free download from Linear Technology.   Experiments provided  may be performed using a solder-less breadboard, inexpensive parts, oscilloscope,  function generator, and a low voltage 3-phase source.
All of the Three-phase experiments may be done with a 12 volt peak-to-peak, line to neutral, source capable of supplying up to 125mW per phase.  This source may be easily built on a breadboard using the circuit provided in the appendix.   This circuit may also be purchased assembled or as a kit from ZAP Studio, LLC.

All of the experiments demonstrate basic single-phase and three-phase principles.   Analysis suggestions are provided at the end of each experiment.
The reader should be familiar with DC circuit analysis and have basic knowledge of AC circuits and phasor algebra.  This book may be used as a supplement to an AC circuits course or for independent study.





















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