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Books by Sid Antoch

These books are the result of my many years of teaching electronics at the university and technology level. They combine theoretical concepts and circuit simulation with practical experiments. The electric circuits' lab manuals are somewhat traditional, but they include some unique experiments. The control systems, ac and three-phase, and op-amp books are non-traditional, designed to be used for independent study and as course supplements. These are quality books offered at student affordable prices.

Electric Circuits
These books may be used in college lab courses as lab manuals or as supplements to existing labs. A calculus and Laplace transform based engineering version, and an algebra based technology version are available. Both versions include 3-phase experiments.
* Theoretical concepts, equations, spreadsheet applications and examples.
* Large selection of basic and unique lab experiments.
* Suggested analysis using spreadsheets and simulations.
* Economical, may be used to supplement an existing lab course.
* Simulations, applications. and examples

Electronic Control Systems: Simulations and Experiments
Basics of open-loop and closed-loop systems. Feedback control simulation examples using LTspice. Breadboard experiments.

AC and Three Phase: Simulations and Experiments
Basics of AC and 3-phase electric circuits. Includes simulation examples using LTspice and.PSpice. Breadboard experiments include 3-phase transformers.

Op-Amp Circuits: Simulations and Experiments
Op-amp fundamentals with simulations and projects. Power supply circuits, magnetometer circuits, geophone circuits, ELF/VLF receivers, photo-resistor opto-coupler applications (ACC, volume control, compressors and tremolo).

Software: RLC Selector
RLC Selector is a Windows 10 desktop tool for selecting part values for common passive and active filter circuits.


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For your convenience, books may be purchased from amazon.com and other outlets.


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